Journey of life, through a camera lens: Meet Antares

The NFT space continues to grow and through this evolution of time, more and more creators – talented artists that are seeking an opportunity to not only share their work but their stories – come to the space.

Today, we introduce the amazing Antares Vargas who is a photographer based out of Los Angeles, Calif.

Antares has been taking photos since she was 12 years old and as she grew into her own she started to work in the entertainment industry by creating content. For more than 10 years, she has written, produced and edited on every genre of unscripted television – she even hosted this year’s first-ever Tokens awards via Twitter spaces – but her passion for photography has never wavered.

On Oct. 25, she will release a new collection entitled, “I’m Still Here” on Unblocked Exchange in collaboration with Kelly Ann Collins and Vult Lab

“I’m Still Here” is a story of life’s heartaches and pain through the medical journey of her mother.

Life gets hard and sometimes it feels like we won’t make it another day. Yet we fight and keep moving and when we wake up we are still here. No matter how hard life gets, my mom keeps fighting and every morning she is still here,” Antares said.

Sharing this narrative through photography is something so profound because as viewers we are able to not only see the moment in time of pain but also connect it to our own moments, and honor the story that is being told.

Antares will release this drop as a four-piece collection. Each one has a story to tell of its own. “Help Me”, “Save Me”, “Hug Me”, and “Love Me” all encompass the moments she walked through alongside her mother.

Life happens really fast and sometimes it’s hard to process how we feel during these beautiful or hard moments. I have found that photography helps me process and reflect how I feel once the moments have passed. Photos freeze time. They capture moments. One photo is worth a thousand words. I use my photos to freeze my emotions. I attach stories of moments to my captures. These stories live forever.”

Check out Antares’ collection as soon as it drops – and stay up-to-date with everything she is working doing in the Web3 space via Twitter at @immigrantkiddo.

— By Alyssia Aguilar, Team Vult Cult


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